The Nyungar area now known as Subiaco, in Western Australia has a long and rich history with stories from the Early settlers and Benedictine monks, through the first and second world wars, as the state's home of Australian Rules Football for over 100 years, as the birthplace of many and as a vibrant, green group of inner-city suburbs. It has contributed so much to the fabric of Perth and is home to many important landmarks.

Subiaco has consistently led the way in modelling what a successful, higher density, inner-city commercial and residential area can be. It is and always has been such a special and proud place!

Now the State Government is planning to rezone nearly 50% of historic areas of Subiaco, Shenton Park and Daglish for massive high-density development. This is simply unjustified and will permanently destroy these historic neighbourhoods, their amenity and what attracts families and visitors here. 

Subiaco can achieve density targets without this destructive plan so don’t let it happen! Help us Save Subi and protect this important and precious place for current and future generations. This is a fight for us all, because you can’t replace history. Once it’s gone, its gone.

What they’re Planning...

Simply put, this plan wipes out about half of the character neighbourhoods of Subiaco, Shenton Park and Daglish. Gone. So many homes will be negatively impacted on and the amenity and streetscape permanently destroyed  - and let's not even contemplate the disastrous consequences to traffic and parking on our narrow streets. Refer to the map and zoning table above to help clarify just what's being proposed - that's a whole lotta high-rise!

So we're taking this to Parliament...

Click on the image above to read the petition text. We've put this Legislative Council petition together to table in Parliament requesting rejection of the Planning Scheme, major review and modification of the Planning Strategy and a pause on the whole thing until the MRA's Masterplan for Subi East is released next year. Subi's future deserves much better planning than has been delivered by the Council and the State Government, and Save Subi is standing up to ensure it happens.

Can you sign the petition or help us doorknock for signatures?

Legislative Council petitions are required to have written signatures, so if you'd like to sign, please get in touch below and better still, if you have a little time to help us doorknock for signatures, we would LOVE to hear from you!


What we’re Saying...

Here's What Else is Happening...

A Record Number
of Submissions!

Over 1400 submissions were received by the Council on the Draft Scheme and Strategy - a truly awesome effort!! 

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