The Nyungar area now known as Subiaco, in Western Australia has a long and rich history with stories from the Early settlers and Benedictine monks, through the first and second world wars, as the state's home of Australian Rules Football for over 100 years, as the birthplace of many and as a vibrant, green group of inner-city suburbs. It has contributed so much to the fabric of Perth and is home to many important landmarks.

Subiaco has also consistently led the way in modelling what a successful, diverse, higher density, inner-city commercial and residential area can be. It is and always has been such a special and proud place and has one of the highest densities in the State!

Now the State Government and the City of Subiaco are planning to double the population of the City through rezoning and high-rise development. This is simply unjustified and will permanently destroy the City's unique historical village feel, character and amenity - the very things that make Subiaco so appealing to everyone who lives, works or visits here. 

Subiaco can achieve density targets without this destructive plan so don’t let it happen! Help us Save Subi and protect this important and precious place for current and future generations. This is a fight for us all, because you can’t replace history. Once it’s gone, its gone.

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 What were they Planning for LPS5 (take 2)...

And what did you say in Response?

You forced the Council to acknowledge the second round of submissions you sent in asking for further consideration and changes. Through Community Ward meetings and active lobbying of councillors prepared to listen and engage with the community, you managed to even get a unanimous Council decision to uphold a list of amendments for dezoning across the City that have now gone to the WAPC for consideration.

At this point in time, its looking like late November for the WAPC to make its determination, and Save Subi will be with you all the way!

Is Your Home about to be Under Investigation?

Many residents, understandably, may not realise that hidden amongst the pages of the now Council endorsed Local Planning Strategy, which is soon heading to the WAPC for final determination and upon which LPS5 is based, is a map showing what is termed as 'Investigation Areas'.

They are the purple dashed lines in the map, the orange shaded areas are deemed 'Targeted Growth Zones' ie where infill is slated for in the proposed LPS5. These Investigation Areas are what the planning staff will be coming back to to undertake "detailed precinct planning". Hmm... more unjustified ad-hoc infill strategies and destruction of heritage, character and amenity, anyone?

What we’re Saying...

Here's What Else is Happening...

A Record Number
of Submissions!

Over 1400 submissions were received by the Council on the Draft Scheme and Strategy - a truly awesome effort!! 

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Subscribe to Save Subi!

Join the growing community of concerned folk who love the suburbs of Subiaco and want them protected. We’ll send you updates on news and events - and promise to not bombard you!