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The Save Subi campaign has been borne of many requests for a people's movement to protect this precious neighbourhood from the poor planning decisions, ill conceived government policy and the voice of residents being ignored or restricted.

We exist to inform, to engage and to hold State Government and Council to account. Subiaco deserves so much more than what we have been dished up in Local Planning Scheme 5 (LPS5). Our campaign team was formed through our well profiled sister campaign, Save Rokeby South, and it is off the back of this that so many in the community have approached us and asked for leadership on this latest nightmare as well.

So we're responding to the call but we need your help.
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We are not against density and we are NOT NIMBYists - Puhleeze!

Neither we or anyone we know is arguing against the need for increased density from both an economic and environmental standpoint. We know it is necessary to some degree. No one is arguing against the need for more interconnectivity of public transport in Perth. But it shouldn't be the case that you can wipe out half a suburb in the process!

In no way should we be on the receiving end of blanket rezonings in Shenton Park, Subiaco or Daglish, when we are able to adequately and better meet medium and high density dwelling needs in other areas that are slated for such futures.  The Government is willing to destroy one of the precious few areas left in Perth that stands as rare testament to Perth history, that is the beloved home to thousands of people, all in the name of their 'Metronet' policy. The rezonings around the Daglish and Shenton Park stations, have not been justified by the WAPC, nor the Minister for Planning, nor the Council.

What we are arguing is not only the degree and the figures being used to justify this policy, but also the indiscriminate WAY in which its being done.

Enough already!

In Subiaco's case, from the very start, housing lots were for the most part already packed in tightly into blocks, with narrow streets and limited off street parking. So from its working class roots, Subiaco's original framework which exists still today, embodies the concept of higher density already! We have always led the way, and areas like Subi Centro, which is still under development, are the modern equivalent. Then there are areas to come, like the Subiaco Oval redevelopment and the Princess Margaret Hospital site which are all slated for high-rise and very high density apartment blocks. Many are thinking the greater problem is who will actually BUY all these apartments when already so many sit empty or purchased by absent foreign investors, leading to areas of 'dormitory' effect - which is anything but what we should be aiming for.

The City of Subiaco is doing enough! We have to balance the needs for infill with enough amenity to make people still want to live here. The Government and Council as a result should be taking a far more nuanced approach. A holistic approach that embraces what is special about Subiaco and seek to enhance and protect it. It should be about enhancing neighbourhoods, not destroying them by turning them into high-rise slums or encumbered with developer's blight.

Have a look for yourself at the density figures that already exist in Subiaco (see link below). You'll see the overall 2016 population density of Subiaco, was at 30.66 persons per hectare. This is already the highest densities in the state, along with the Town of Vincent. And remember, this doesn't take into account the massive number of apartments still to come in Subi Centro, Subiaco Oval and the PMH site, let alone others!

Show me the City of Subiaco's density score

Sooo.....if you're at the point of saying 'What the?' - join the club, or better still, join us and help Save Subi!

What Save Subi says...


We want the Council and State Government to show real leadership by taking this ill-conceived plan off the table and protecting these historical areas of Subiaco.

We are FOR vibrancy, character, amenity and a village feel that can be enhanced through positive, visionary planning and appropriate protections.

We are FOR appropriate and accurately justified density, planned in the right way, and in the right areas. Those areas have already been slated for development, the bulk of which have been given to the State Government and are now out of our control.

Subiaco will meet its density requirements without rezoning any of the historical areas of Subiaco, Daglish and Shenton Park. So protect them instead!

Subiaco deserves a better future than the one being thrust upon us. Subiaco has contributed so much to the fabric of our society in Perth and Government and Council should be standing WITH the people to protect it!

Here's What Else is Happening...

A Record Number
of Submissions!

Over 1400 submissions were received by the Council on the Draft Scheme and Strategy - a truly awesome effort!! 

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