Making a Submission

"Aaaarghh!!!" We hear you say in unison. I don't know how to write a submission! I don't think I can do it. What is a submission, even? How do I start? What should I say? I'm not in the rezoning area, surely it won't matter if I don't do one, will it?

Actually, it will. If these rezonings or something like them go ahead, its a domino effect, the status of your suburb will decline. Look at West Perth. We have enough of that creeping in already, don't you think?

Submissions, can take the form of simply a couple of bullet points right up to extensive letters and complex reports. They are the main thing Council and State Government will consider in their deliberations. If they don't get very many, well, that can easily sway the outcome. So let's bombard their inboxes and send a clear message of what we want them to do - get rid of LPS5!

Important to know

If you do both the survey and the letter, all will be compiled as ONE submission under your name.

Remember - anyone in your house can do a submission - it is not one per household only.

If you're renting, you can make a submission - if you’re on the electoral role, your voice counts.


Here's the ways you can make your submission

Submission Option 1:
Write to the Minister

Planning Minister Rita Saffioti is the one who will make the decision on LPS5. As such, we strongly recommend you write directly to the her stating that you strongly object to LPS5 and requesting her to REJECT it, and copy the Council in as well. Address your submission to:

Hon. Rita Saffioti
Minister for Planning
9th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock Street

You need to include your name and address to make a valid submission
You can email your submission to

Submission Option 2:
Via the Council

There's a few ways that you can make your submission through Council:

Write/email your submission
to the Council calling for them to REJECT LPS5. Email to or
Submit in writing to City of Subiaco, PO Box 270, Subiaco WA 6904.

Complete a hard copy submission form

available from the Council Offices, Subiaco Library or Lords Rec Centre.

Complete the online Draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 Survey
This is your quickest option


Complete the online Draft Local Planning Strategy survey - this survey is important even if you write a submission.

How to Structure your Submission

• Start with your name and address and the name of the Scheme which is "Local Planning Scheme 5"

• Address the submission to Chief Executive Officer, City of Subiaco and or Hon. Rita Saffioti, Minister for Planning if you are writing directly to the Minister.

• Detail the property or properties that will be affected or impacted by LPS5 if appropriate.

• Say that you object to LPS5 and make it clear that you believe the scheme is not in the community’s best interests.

• Describe in one or two paragraphs what you love about this area. Be passionate, use your own words, eg. has a great community feel, family friendly, the village feel, beautiful streetscape, history and character, amenity, single storey neighbourhood, great cafes, shops, services and bars, tree canopy etc.;

• Describe how you feel the place would change as a result of LPS5. Again, be passionate - you may wish to use words such as souless, sterile, bland, slums, developer's blight, high buildings totally out of keeping with neighbourhood which cannot be softened by setbacks;

• Provide a positive vision that you would like see for Subiaco/Shenton Park/Daglish.

Don't know what to say?
What about something like this...

Have a look at the points below and see if any resonate with you. Try to tweak it a little to make it your own. Most importantly, your submission needs to CLEARLY state your objection to the proposed plan, like the example below:

The Proposed Draft LPS5 as approved by the WAPC should not proceed. It should be rejected by Council and the Minister for Planning.

The established areas of Daglish/Subiaco/Shenton Park are full of character homes, many faithfully renovated or extended to provide family living. This plan is a poor reflection on the State Government that it proposes the destruction of viable, small lot, historical family homes with out considering the environmental impact of such action and the negative impact on families.

I strongly object to this draft LPS5 and the rezonings contained therein. It will destroy the character and amenity of the established residential areas of Daglish/Subiaco/Shenton Park.

There is no justification for these rezonings in these areas. We have given back to Government large tracts of land for redevelopment and continue to do that without strings attached. It’s high time for this council to stand up and demand that this Government plays a fair game.

The domestic architecture of Subiaco, Shenton Park and Daglish is of significance to Western Australia. It tells of how the first residents lived in the metropolitan area and how modern homes and architecture evolved in this state.

The established parts of the City (including the Government Metronet areas) are already well within the Government's "Perth & Peel @ 3.5 m" 2050 targets. The Government's target density is between 25 - 35 people per hectare. Currently the established areas of Subiaco are 33.3 persons per hectare (while Subi Centro is 43.04 persons per hectare). No other Perth city is at this density. And we have yet to completely develop Subi Centro, Subiaco Oval and the Princess Margaret Hospital site, all of which will be high density.

The State Government must advise the Council what it will do to meet the infrastructure needs for more density in Subiaco. Eg water, power, emergency services (especially fire) schools, traffic management, tree canopy, green and open spaces and drainage (Subiaco already has a major problem meeting the one  in 100 year event for storm water.

State Government should have resolved these issues long before the local plan scheme was developed.

Planning schemes are reviewed every 5 years, so why is the Government pushing for the 2050 density target in 2018, especially when infrastructure needs have not been taken into account.

State Government policies which support the planning schemes are still being drafted or still being thought about . A major part of Planning is the R codes and they are about to change, therefore all planning schemes will need major change ,so why the push when this work has yet to be done.

Given all of the above the Subiaco Council must reject the proposed Town Planning Scheme  and the Local Planning Strategy. There is absolutely no point in trying to negotiate something when the goal posts keep on being moved. Subiaco deserves better than that. The current Town Planning Scheme 4 with a few changes would easily meet the needs.

The City of Subiaco has a long and rich history with strong links to the Benedictine monks, from the Early settlers through the first and second world wars. It has contributed so much to the fabric of Perth and is home to many important landmarks. It has consistently led the way in modelling what a successful, higher density, inner-city commercial and residential area can be whilst retaining the integrity of its historical neighbourhoods. This rezoning will destroy that.


Important note to those who made a submission against Amendment 35
(Save Rokeby South)

Remember when you made that fantastic effort with your submission against Amendment 35 and we recommended you keep a copy for the future? Well, this is why. Now's the time to get it out and save yourself some precious time. You may well find that you can use your submission to a fair or large extent and simply change some of the wording to be relevant to LPS5 and shazam! Job done.

Remember, as far as Rokeby South goes, Council is seeking to do very much the same thing as the Developer wanted to but on BOTH sides of the road, so all the arguments contained in your submission for that area, are still highly relevant, if not more so.

We know, we know, this is all feeling too much like Groundhog Day isn't it! :/


Thank you for taking action to Save Subi!

And good on you for making a stand to protect the place that you and we love. Now that you're inspired 😉  you're wondering what else you can do to help Save Subi, right??

If so, click below and get in touch. We'd love to welcome you to our team.